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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Durham Herald Article

A nice article from the Herald, on the campaign:

Munger needs 67,000 signatures, that is, 2 percent of the turnout in the most recent governor's race, to get the Libertarian Party on the ballot in 2008.

If he does that -- and wins the Libertarian nomination -- then he would have the right to officially compete with Democrat and Republican nominees to replace Mike Easley, the Democrat first elected in 2000 who must step down because of state term limits.

Munger said that while Easley, 56, is in many ways an admirable person, he believes Easley has been too hands-off, particularly in dealing with the Legislature. "I think it's got to be infuriating to the Democratic leadership to have someone that's just useless," Munger said.

State Democratic spokesman Schorr Johnson quickly countered by saying that Easley is doing "a great job" and pointing out that the party gained larger majorities in the House and Senate in the Nov. 7 general election.

Johnson also said Democrats would have a strong nominee in 2008 "and be on track to winning the governorship again."

Unfortunate that the article makes it sound like *I* am running the signature campaign, when in fact it is the state leadership of the party, most particularly our terrific LPNC Ballot Access Director, Bob Ritchie. I'll have to be clearer from now on.....

Anyway, here is Bob Ritchie's picture; if you click on the pic, you'll get his email. Contact him about the signature drive; we NEED your help!


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