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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

News and Observer Op-Ed

here is a piece I wrote for the N&O....

An excerpt:

Michael Munger
DURHAM - Six months ago, the idea of a Democratic House seemed far-fetched, and taking the Senate looked impossible. How things have changed! The odds of a House takeover are 60-40. Winning the Senate would require only that the Democrats: 1) hold on to leads against GOP incumbents in Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island (nearly certain); 2) turn out their base in Maryland, Missouri and New Jersey (very possible); and 3) get lucky in either Tennessee or Virginia (could happen).
What will happen if the Democrats win back control of Congress? Three things:

It's raining subpoenas. Committee hearings and subpoenas will be the No. 1 non-legislative priority of a Democrat-controlled House. And if the Democrats take the Senate, given its star power and prestige, we will have a new reality TV show -- "Survivor: Oversight!" -- with lots of Republican officials immediately voted off the island.

The Democrats argue, with cause, that Congress has failed to monitor thousands of administration activities. Expect hearings on administrative rule-making, wire-tapping, detainees, health care for veterans, too much corruption and not enough armor in Iraq -- the list goes on. If you are an attorney with Democratic connections, dust off your resume. Hundreds of lawyers will be needed right away.

It's the Congress, stupid. The center of power and focus for the Democrats moves even more to the Congress. Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will raise $50 million during the 2008 election cycle; Charles Schumer and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are likely to raise more than $100 million before Election Day. That is partly because both organizations work hard. But much of the reason is the grating ineptitude of National Committee Chair Howard Dean, and the apparent belief that "presidential timber" means candidates made of wood. Except for the anomaly of Bill Clinton, the last Democratic presidential nominee with leadership ability was John Kennedy. Congress is where the Democrats feel comfortable ruling.


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