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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Interesting Conversations

Spent most of yesterday at the "Dixie Classic Fair" in Winston Salem.

Very fun, got to talk to lots of people. I mostly want to acknowledge four
people who work all the time on stuff like this, but don't always get acknowledged.

1. Susan ("If you touch the display, I'll kill you!") Hogarth, Wake County. Organizer of nearly everything.
2. Rob Sinnott, Guilford County
3. Paul Elledge, Guilford County
4. Jack Wyatt, citizen of the world

To say that their constant efforts on behalf of the LP in NC are unsung is an understatement. They work on things all the time. I showed up for one long day, and really enjoyed. What is important is to acknowledge the people that work for the cause of liberty day after day. Thanks to all!

We gave out a lot of literature and material on LP, and we heard a lot from the citizens of NC. Very interesting, and very useful.

My favorite line (after Susan's death threat, and if you think she was kidding you are crazy) was from an elderly gent who stopped by the booth. He suggested a slogan which I like very much. I'm going to use it whenever someone asks me why I am running, because it is accurate:

I'm tired of leaders telling the people what they want to hear. As Governor, I want to tell the people what they need to know.

And we talked a fair amount, in several of the shifts, about Bastiat's famous definition of the state:

"The State is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."


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