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Saturday, May 26, 2007

MADD Money


Just got a mailing from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

They want us to sign a petition. Ignition interlocks, in all our cars.

Some points:

1. Drunk driving is already illegal.
2. Driving without a license is illegal.
3. Interlock systems are expensive and cumbersome.
4. On the other hand, interlock systems are easy to defeat.

Do you really think that the sort of person who drives with a suspended license, on probation, and stone drunk is going to obey THIS law?

It would just impose huge costs on the rest of us.

From the mailing:

"Right now there is legislation pending in 30 states to require alcohol ignition interlocks on the vehicles of either repeat or first-time DWI offenders!"

Really? First time offenders? So if I am considering driving drunk the first time, a nice policeman will come install an interlock system?

Presumably, they meant possible SECOND time offenders, or people who have been convicted once.

But this is just a short jump to the full, "interlock for all cars" system.

Why do I have to pay, and be inconvenienced, for the tiny proportion of people who can't control themselves?

All we would need to do to solve the drunk driving problem is have real civil penalties, large fines and compensation laws. And people who can't pay can work off the debt in prison. No parole, no privileges.

Instead, we fill our prisons with folks whose only crime is to use harmless drugs in the privacy of their own homes! The prisons are full of people who have hurt no one, so we cut loose the drunken killers who endanger us all.

My answer? Simple.

1. Legalize, or at a minimum decriminalize, possession of all substances, so long as they don't harm anyone else.
2. Punish, and fine, anyone whose use of a substance, or need to purchase a substance, results in damage to someone else.

Incredible that you can go to jail for LONGER for possessing marijuana inside your house than for killing someone with your car while you are driving drunk.

Punish HARM, and the use of FORCE, not violations of some made up moral code.

MADD should be focusing on real jail terms, and real solutions, not some techy thing that will just make money for corporations and bureaucrats.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Brad and Britt Show

Thanks to Ed Cone for making the intro, and also for getting the shout out beforehand.

Had a great time on the show. They do a good job at WZTK, just working with a couple of staff and the outsized personalities of the hosts. A real pleasure to get to talk to some radio pros.

State Convention....

I got to introduce Bob Barr at the State LP Convention in Hickory.

He gave a very fine speech, I thought. Some may question whether he is a "real"

I guess my own thought is that we need to take strong allies where we can find them, and not worry so much about checking passports.

On the other hand, as I said in my speech at convention, the people in the party who have worked for years, and whose commitment built the organization, do have the right to ask questions. New people (including me!) who come in and start giving orders....Well, we need to recognize the commitment and sacrifice of those who have worked for a decade or more.