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Friday, March 02, 2007

Playing with Fire

Had a nice visit with two of LPNC's excellent interns today.

Leigh and Christian came over from Raleigh to meet, have some lunch, and talk some libertarian philosophy. Lots of fun, very smart young ladies.

In the car coming back from lunch, we got to talking about the "is government evil?" question. I said I had always thought of government as being more dangerous than evil. Like electricity or fire: if uncontrolled, or put in the hands of people who don't understand the dangers: POOF!

Leigh came up with a great metaphor, one I intend to use often in my campaign. She said, "Just think of all the times you have been at a bonfire. You stand around, and you may talk but you can't help yourself: You just stare at the fire. Government is the same way. Even if it is scary, it is so fascinating you just stare at it. We are drawn to government, and we can't take our eyes off of it. Politicians are the same way. We know we will get burned, but we just have to try to get close."

Wow. Very cook, Leigh.

And Christian gave a very spirited defense of the "No National ID" position. She isn't very big, but I'd hate to fight her. (The cook staff at the Armadillo put cheese on her burrito. Christian is a vegan, so that is a no-no. She went back and got them straightened out in no time. I would do what she told me, also. No nonsense for Christian). I agree that the National ID push is pretty scary, but we are almost there now, having to use driver's licenses or passports or something else to travel almost anywhere. Still, Christian was hard core. You go, girl!

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At 2:29 PM, Blogger Jim Capo said...

Perhaps government is what God was referring to when he said the mankind would never be destroyed again by water but by fire.

Might be a good time to have our young individualists read Our Enemy the State by Nock to better make the distinction between "government" (dangerous) and "the state" (evil)

Let me know if you are up for the NAFTA and Immigration Great Decisions Lecture at Chapel Hill this Tuesday at 7:00pm. Should be hot issues in the NC gov race.

And for Christian, hot off the press, Real ID requirements from Comrade Chertoff:


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